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Bamboo coral & freshwater stick pearl earrings, hand made jewelry

Bamboo coral & freshwater stick pearl earrings, hand made jewelry
2.9 EUR


The charming jewelry has made from live color bamboo corals & freshwater stick pearls

Freshwater stick pearl:  Stick pearls are just about the awesomest thing ever. They are so intensely iridescent because they are made entirely of nacre (The Shiny). It is bright shiny nacre over what is a long skinny pearl. They make the coolest sound when they clink together, a bright watery sound.

Bamboo coral, or "sea bamboo" has an interesting structure that explains its name. The coral skeletons consist of stretches of branch-like, stony calcium carbonate material, interspersed with joint-like regions of gorgonin protein.


Measurement of the earrings: 5,4 cm ~ 2,13 inch

  • The charming jewellery is perfect gift for any occasion (birthday, christmas, Valentin's day, gift for her..etc)

    Each piece of RickFancy webshop is hand crafted with love and care :)

    If you have any question feel free to (ask) contact me.

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